UK Government Funds Sexual Acts Dice Game for 13-Year-Olds

The Proud Trust

A government-funded sex education “toolkit” including a game where children roll a ‘body parts’ dice and discuss sexual acts has raised concerns over the sexualisation of young people.

Produced by the Proud Trust, the toolkit has dice featuring words including “anus”, “vulva”, “penis”, “hands and fingers”, and “mouth”, and orders children to talk through the sexual activities it would be possible to carry out using two body parts.

In the pack, teachers are told “not all combinations will be easy to discuss and some might seem impossible”, but that “the aim is to get people talking and to limit assumptions about what kind of sex people have”, according to documents seen by The Times.

“Every combination is worthy of a conversation!” it claims.

An LGBT charity which claims to be a “life saving and life enhancing organisation”, the Proud Trust promotes the toolkit, titled Sexuality aGender v2 as designed for ages 13+ and “for use in secondary schools, colleges and other youth settings”.

On its website, the Proud Trust also boasts that the kit “is “a fully planned out and resourced four lesson/session pack” that helps schools meet their “statutory requirements to deliver LGBT+ inclusive RSE” (relationships and sex education).

Sexuality aGender v2 was produced after the so-called charity was handed £99,960 from the government’s Tampon Tax Fund, which is supposed to award the money collected from tax on women’s sanitary products to projects aimed at helping disadvantaged women and girls. The Times reported that the contents of the pack have raised concerns.

Speaking to the newspaper, a spokesman for Safe Schools Alliance, Tanya Carter, stated: “This ‘resource’ clearly breaches safeguarding. The tampon tax should be used to educate girls on their rights — not prematurely sexualise them.”

Tory peer Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne wrote to the education secretary, Gavin Williamson, noting that “while the [RSE] guidelines are quite good on what they do want, they do not prohibit anything and in consequence seem to be abused”.

“Abdicating responsibility to teachers only for them to abdicate it to minority interest lobby groups is surely unsatisfactory, unhealthy and unsafe,” she said, adding: “It is right for the state to ensure that certain bases are covered. Unfortunately, as offered, the guidelines leave the door open for anyone to teach whatever they want at any age they consider appropriate.”

An investigation into the toolkit by campaign group Transgender Trend in May revealed that “anal sex is a constant feature” of the pack, which “normalis[es] the practice” by noting a survey which found that just under one in five 16- to 25-year-olds said they had engaged in the activity in the last year.

The toolkit also demands that learners “use the phrase ‘a person with a vagina’ rather than ‘a woman’s vagina’ and ‘a person with a penis’ rather than a ‘man’s penis'” so as to be sensitive to the beliefs of transgender people, according to the investigation.

Breitbart London has previously reported on World Health Organization (WHO) and UN-produced ‘comprehensive sex education’ guidelines, which demand countries around the world promote transgender ideology, homosexual lifestyles, and “safe access to abortion”.

The material, which critics say sexualises children, also discusses the so-called sexual ‘rights’ of children, including that children under four should be given information about “early childhood masturbation” and “the right to explore gender identities”.


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