BREAKING: Two Men Falsely Claim to Be 'Air Marshals' on DC-bound Flight-Updated

Alert readers have reported that their flight, United Airlines 3681, from St. Louis to Washington Dulles had to make an emergency return to the gate as it prepared for take-off. According to local officials, it was found that two men who had boarded the plane as ‘federal air marshals’ didn’t have the proper credentials. Passengers were deplaned, all luggage was removed and re-scanned. All passengers were also re-screened. Passengers are now in the process of re-boarding. There is no word on the two ‘air marshals.’

BigGovernment has contacted security officials in St. Louis. We will report back what we hear. Interestingly, we understand that Oliver North is on the flight, as well.

An interview with one of the passengers is below:


UPDATE: Ron Meyer of Young America Foundation, who was on the flight along with Lt. Col. Oliver North confirms to BigGovernment that the flight has landed safely at Dulles International Airport. Meyer spoke with North and the captain of the flight and provides us more details on the strange events.

The two gentlemen in question were acting strangely prior to take-off. They were both in the airplane bathroom for quite some time and when confronted by airline personnel they identified themselves as Federal Air Marshals. Neither could produce paperwork confirming this identification and were removed from the plane in handcuffs. According to Lt. Col. North, who was sitting next to one of the men, they were both Caucasian.

After deplaning and removing all baggage and having the plane inspected, the passengers re-boarded and the flight resumed without incident.

Update 2: Two other September 11 flights aroused alarm, in each case also involving small groups of passengers who made repeated or lengthy visits to the lavatory together. Both flights-one American Airlines flight from LAX to JFK, the other a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Detroit–were escorted by fighter jets to their respective destinations.