More Bad Poll News For Obama: Romney Up 9 On Economy

More Bad Poll News For Obama: Romney Up 9 On Economy

If you want to know why the corrupt media only wants to talk about same-sex marriage, bullying, what Mitt Romney did nearly a half-century ago in high school, and anything under the sun other than the economy, look no further than this new Gallup poll released today:

Registered voters are more likely to say Mitt Romney, if elected president, would do a very good or good job of handling the economy than they are to say President Obama would, if re-elected — 61% vs. 52%. While the two men earn about equal “very good” ratings, 22% of voters think Obama would do a “very poor” job, more than twice as many as say the same about Romney (10%). …

However, when forced to choose between the two in a follow-up question, voters were split about evenly, with 47% saying Romney and 45% Obama.

Romney’s up nine in the first question and two in the second. And this is with registered voters, not likely voters, where Romney would probably do better.

There’s no good news in Obama’s economy. We have an unemployment rate going down only because tens of thousands are getting discouraged and giving up looking for work, and our economic growth is going backwards.

Romney isn’t even nominated, has hardly made his economic pitch, and the electorate isn’t even really paying attention. That’s why this poll is such bad news for the President. People just assume someone — anyone! — can do a better job.

And they’re right. Had Obama or anyone done nothing, we would be in much better shape today.

Eventually, Romney will get the chance to make his economic case, and all Obama and his media allies will be able to do in response is scream: Freaky, rich, Mormon, homophobic racist!

Because that’s what desperate losers do.