Warren Fundraises from Out-of-State Special Interests

Warren Fundraises from Out-of-State Special Interests

A report and chart at Masslive.com indicate that Elizabeth Warren is not running a Massachusetts-based campaign when it comes to fundraising. The bulk of her money seems to come from out-of-state Progressive activist funding groups with their own agendas, not necessarily aligned with the goals of Massachusetts.

Among her backers, “the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has raised more money for Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren than it has for any other candidate in the organization’s three-year history.” Meanwhile, national activist group MoveOn.org claims to have raised “unprecedented,” mostly out-of-state monies for Warren.

In contrast, Massachusetts businesses are overwhelmingly contributing to incumbent Senator Scott Brown. The state appears to be experiencing solid levels of growth and is ranked well in terms of leading the way out of America’s recent economic difficulties: “Massachusetts economy expanded faster than any other state in New England last year and and ranked fourth in the nation in economic growth.”

There is also a significant military and defense-based economy in Massachusettes that has grown in recent years. Historically, the national players backing Elizabeth Warren oppose military and defense spending; MoveOn.org was a key player in the antiwar protests of George W. Bush’s presidency.

Warren’s fundraising sources are an unfortunate revelation, due to the perception opponents have that she is a national media creation with little local, grassroots support. In addition to the roiling controversy over her professed Native American heritage, the Warren campaign faces a serious challenge proving its candidate’s authenticity to voters.