The President's Public Equity Record

The President's Public Equity Record

President Obama and his campaign leadership have been consistently focusing their attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, a firm with some dealings in private equity. This should come as no great surprise given that Romney has made his private sector experience the centerpiece of his campaign.

Despite the media’s continued effort to insulate the president and shield his record, and despite the spin emanating from the DNC, Obama’s adventures in public equity using taxpayer dollars will not remain an obscure non-issue.

The president’s public equity record is fair game, and American Crossroads just released a devastating ad highlighting his disastrous “investment” achievements while playing fast and loose with the American people’s money:

If the president’s record in public equity investing was as successful as Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, a lot fewer people would be unemployed.  President Obama would be wise to re-think his laser-like attacks on private capitalistic ventures and capitalism in general.  This, however, is unlikely, since the president is quoted as saying, “This is not a distraction, this is what this campaign’s going to be about.”

Bring it on.