Obama Won't Vacation in Martha's Vineyard

Obama Won't Vacation in Martha's Vineyard

For the Obama Administration, perception is everything.  This summer, unlike the last three years, Obama is not taking his summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, widely known as a hangout for the rich.

Because he can’t afford it? Snort.

Because he doesn’t want the vast swaths of Americans crippled by his crashing economy to see him cavorting while they’re trying to put food on the table. And portraying Mitt Romney as a wealthy out-of-touch candidate simply won’t fly if you’re eating arugula and vichychoisse in the lap of luxury.

Last year, Obama was chastised for vacationing in the summer while the economy plunged, and he’s not going to take that chance in the middle of an election campaign.

He must be hoping Americans forget all his rounds of golf, or his jet-setting trips with Michelle. The same guy who portrays himself as someone born with a wooden spoon in his mouth even though he went to one of the wealthiest schools in Hawaii thinks he can blind us again.

Not this time, Mr. Obama. You are what you are, an elitist. And no amount of obfuscating the issue can erase that fact.