Joe with Joe: Obama Campaign E-mail Offers Coffee With Biden

Joe with Joe: Obama Campaign E-mail Offers Coffee With Biden

Today, Vice President Joe Biden made Americans a generous offer: he’d buy us a cup of coffee. Joe with Joe! What else could a bankrupt American ask for? Here’s the email, titled “I want to buy you a cup of coffee” (I’m male, so I’ll assume he’s not trying to sexually harass me):

Benjamin —

Want to have a cup of coffee sometime soon?

I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about, but mainly I just want to say thanks for helping out.

Well, I’ll take the thanks, but can we skip the coffee? Not sure there would be a less interesting experience on the planet than hanging with Joe Biden on Amtrak, drinking campaign coffee. But here’s Joe’s real agenda:

Make a donation of $3 or whatever you can to grow this grassroots campaign, and be automatically entered for the chance to come hang out — flight, hotel, and coffee on us. You can even bring a guest.

Barack and I know that we ask you for a lot. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t believe that folks like you are going to decide this election.

Pretty sure this is a lie. The Obama campaign would ask anybody for money at any time, in any place. But let Mensa Joe continue:

The spending on the other side this year is literally unprecedented. If nothing changes, Barack is on pace to be the first president in modern history to get outspent in his re-election campaign.

What you do will determine how this goes.

Make a grassroots donation today, and you’ll be automatically entered to win:

Last week was a big one for this campaign. The truth is we need every week to be that big. We need to dig deeper and deeper every day if we want to win.

Hope to see you soon,


Last week was a big one for the campaign thanks to the turncoat ruling of Chief Justice John Roberts. But not every week will be so big. So let’s dig deep – and give every coffee ground we can find to the Vice President.