Troopathon 2012 Raises $371K for The Troops

Troopathon 2012 Raises $371K for The Troops

I was honored to co-host this year’s Troopathon 2012, which was held in memory of this site’s publisher, my late mentor and friend, Andrew Breitbart. Organized by Move America Forward, we raised over $371,000 dollars. Funds raised go towards providing care packages for our men and women overseas. Despite assurances from the Obama administration that the war on terror is “over,” it isn’t for the nearly 90,000 troops still stationed in Afghanistan. 

Many of my family are veterans or active duty military and helping to raise funds for care packages is the very least I could do on my part to honor their service. Doing so in memory of a great patriot was a way to honor his. 

I’ve heard stories from so many over the years as to how important these care packages are not just for our soldiers’ needs but for morale. A year ago a close friend’s relative shared with me photos he’d taken while in Iraq; with the care packages he and his brothers in arms received they made friends with the area children. The shared items built a foundation of goodwill and trust between our troops and the villagers. One of the thank you letters in my hands from Troopathon was from a female soldier who expressed gratitude over the wet wipes and lip balm. She wrote of how the items helped save her skin from the harsh desert climate; still others wrote to say how a package of Oreos made them feel a bit of home thousands of miles away in the desert. 

It seems like so little to us but it means the world to them and it’s the least we can do for those who sacrifice so much on our behalf. 

A big thanks to heavy donors including Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh — and a big thanks to all of you who promoted, donated, Tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, and supported before, during, and after the broadcast. Our troops don’t forget about us, so never should we forget about them.