Obama Leads by Only 8 Points — in Liberal Connecticut

Obama Leads by Only 8 Points — in Liberal Connecticut

Mitt Romney has more than doubled President Barack Obama’s fundraising in Connecticut. Business Insider notes, what may be more troubling for the Obama campaign is that his lead in what should be a more-than-reliable state for him has decreased to 8 points, according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey.

Public Policy Polling is a liberal polling outfit that does polling for liberal groups like the Daily Kos and the SEIU. Obama’s numbers are not looking good in poll conducted by a group that usually oversamples Democrats. 

The cross tabs reveal some numbers that should trouble Obama’s reelection campaign: he has a 20-point lead among women but trails Romney by 6 points among men. Romney leads Obama, 47 percent to 40 percent, among independents. Further, Obama only gets 79 percent of the black vote and his approval rating is at 50 percent — in liberal Connecticut. 

“President Obama has quite possibly dropped more in Connecticut than in any other state he won in 2008,” PPP’s Dustin Ingalls wrote. Ingalls notes that even though Obama beat John McCain by over 22 points in Connecticut and now leads Romney only by 8, Obama does not have to worry about Connecticut. 

However, if some of the trends Public Policy Polling found in liberal Connecticut — especially among independents and blacks — are leading indicators of national trends, Obama’s campaign should be more than worried.