Tag Team: Reid, White House Work Together To Attack Romney on Taxes

Tag Team: Reid, White House Work Together To Attack Romney on Taxes

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the White House are working together to ensure the media continues to focus on Mitt Romney’s taxes and not Obama’s economy.

Even mainstream media organizations like Reuters is making the connection, as the outlet wrote that the collusion “became clearer than ever Monday in the daily White House briefing” when White House spokesman Jay Carney welcomed questions about Romney’s taxes that reporters were able to ask because Reid’s comments and accusations give the story more legs. 

Of course, reporters can ask these questions — again and again — because Reid continues to lob unfounded allegations at Romney, and the media willingly covers those allegations even though they are based purely on hearsay that would not be admissible in a court of law. 

As Reuters notes, Democrats are using Reid and his comments to lay down a narrative that will continue to be “news” through the November 6 presidential and congressional elections.  Democrats are also helped by supposedly independent think tanks like the Tax Policy Foundation, whose report, authored by a former Obama aide, allowed Obama to accuse Romney of supporting tax policies that took from the middle class and gave to the rich. Obama called Romney’s tax plan “Romney Hood” at a fundraiser in Connecticut. 

The formula is simple — a Democrat makes an outrageous charge, the news media then covers those charges as if they were serious news, and the White House then conveniently pivots and links the ginned-up controversy of the day back to Romney’s taxes.

Look for more of this as November gets closer.