Defending Voter ID

Defending Voter ID

One of the biggest issues in this election, and every election as far as the eye can see, is stopping voter fraud. Preserving and protecting the process is essential to the future of our Republic.

There have been recent victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania for those wanting proper ID to be shown before voting. As lovers of Liberty, we believe voting to be a sacred right. It must be restricted to those legally allowed to vote. Anything short of that is to desecrate the memory of those who died for this right. 

It is unbelievable that this has become such a partisan issue. Generally, liberals want few voting restrictions, thus, few safeguards. Conservatives want those who vote to prove they are who they say they are so the process can be protected. If you have to show ID to rent a movie at Blockbuster, why not have to show it when you vote? Democrats know the easier they can make it to vote, the easier it is to scam the system. 

The argument from the left that you hear most often when this issue comes up is that Conservatives must prove there has been voter fraud, and if they can’t prove it, then there’s no problem and the loose restrictions should be left in place. This is one of the most ridiculous arguments you will ever hear, but you hear it every time.

First, if ID is not required, then it is almost impossible to find actual voter fraud. How could you possibly go backwards and track who voted in an election if no ID was required in the first place? Since requirements are so loose in most states, how could you know there has been fraud? If there is no system in place to control merchandise in the store, how would you know when merchandise is stolen?

Second is my “guardrail theory.” Should we only install protective rails on the balcony of tall buildings after somebody falls and dies? If you can’t show me where somebody has already fallen to their death off the top of this particular tall building, why should we install the guardrail on the balcony? Of course, no decent society would operate like this. We have the obligation to anticipate potential problems. Smart people do that.  

We are told we can’t put safeguards in place to stop voter fraud perps, because we haven’t already caught them. More brilliance there from the left. Leave bank vaults unlocked because nobody has stolen the money yet. 

There are people out there who want to circumvent the system and rig elections by having people vote multiple times, have dead people vote (See: Illinois, 1960) and illegals vote. We know that. We know there is already a need to protect the voting process. Too much is at stake here. Only those who want to cheat the system would oppose voter ID. If you don’t agree, remove the rails from your balcony and let the kids play out there. How do you know there’s a problem until somebody falls?