Obama Advisor David Plouffe Eats His Post-Debate 'Ohio' Words

Obama Advisor David Plouffe Eats His Post-Debate 'Ohio' Words

Immediately after Obama’s terrible, not so good, very bad debate performance Wednesday night, the spin wasn’t on to pretend Obama hadn’t been crushed (it’s called “spin” not “witchcraft”), but the spin was on to set a high bar for the media before they could consider any narrative involving a Romney comeback.

Quite famously, immediately after the debate, top Obama campaign adviser David Plouffe said this:

We thought (Romney) gave a very theatrical and aggressive performance. Is that going to change minds in places like Ohio, Nevada and Virginia, we’ll have to see. But that’s  the measure. Is he going to take the lead in Ohio? If he doesn’t, he’s not going to be president.



Yes, that’s right, in two of the last three Ohio polls released after the debate, Romney is statistically tied with Obama in all three, but ahead in two. Moreover, Romney is ahead in a Ohio poll with an absolutely absurd D+9 skew.

For the last two days, we’ve watched the media holding back for Ohio numbers before they would agree to declare Romney’s surge real — even though nationally, according to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Romney’s in the lead for the first time ever.

Oh, and even though we have three polls showing Romney tied in Ohio and two of those polls showing Obama dangerously below the magic 50% mark for an incumbent.

Plouffe set the goal posts, Romney met them, and now the media’s pretending it hasn’t happened.

Plouffe will never publicly eat his own words, but unless he’s on the moon, he’s choking them down right about … … … …  now.


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