Exclusive–Cover-Up: Chinese Govt Blocks Access To Obama.com, Obama Campaign Blocks Chinese Web Visitors

Exclusive–Cover-Up: Chinese Govt Blocks Access To Obama.com, Obama Campaign Blocks Chinese Web Visitors

The Chinese government has suddenly blocked access to Obama.com throughout mainland China, and the Obama campaign website now shows error messages to Chinese visitors.

The startling developments come just days after the New York Post and Breitbart News ran extensive reports on Obama.com owner Robert Roche, an expatriate American and Obama bundler with business ties to the Chinese government who lives in Shanghai. The Government Accountability Institute revealed the website’s ownership in its widely covered 108-page report, America The Vulnerable, which details the threat of foreign and fraudulent online campaign contributions.

The Government Accountability Institute (GAI) says it used more than 100 different Chinese proxies located throughout mainland China to attempt to access Obama.com. GAI says that every single time, an error message consistent with sites blocked (IP blocking versus DNS “poisoning”) by the Chinese government appeared. It’s presently unclear the exact timing of when the Chinese government made the change, though it was after the GAI report was released.

Likewise, GAI researchers used 100 Chinese proxies to visit the Obama campaign’s official website, BarackObama.com.  But the campaign blocked them from all but the basic landing page, a sudden change that appears designed to quash the recent furor over the Obama campaign’s lax security on its online contribution systems, which do not require donors to enter their credit card security code.

The Obama campaign’s effort to deny foreign access seems singularly focused on China.  GAI researchers say that foreign proxies from Hong Kong, Brazil, France, and India were all still able to reach the Obama campaign’s website.  What’s more, GAI says it also had two individuals in China attempt to access Obama.com and BarackObama.com and both experienced identical results to the GAI Chinese proxy tests.

GAI detailed the technical steps it used to discover the sudden switch by the Obama campaign and the Chinese government in a report it released today.