Desperate Left Tries to Ressurect Bush

Desperate Left Tries to Ressurect Bush

The left’s desperation is becoming more apparent every day. Tuesday, Democrat strategist, ex-convict and Obama crony Robert Creamer–the architect of the political strategy for Obamacare–let the mask slip when he slammed Mitt Romney at the Huffington Post for failing to campaign with former president George W. Bush.

Creamer wrote:

Earlier this week – as he was barnstorming the country for Barack Obama – former President Bill Clinton subbed in for the President as Obama flew back to Washington to oversee the country’s response to a major hurricane.

That would seem an appropriate context to ask the question, why hasn’t the most recent Republican President, George Bush, been barnstorming the country for Mitt Romney?

Bill Clinton’s support for Obama has arguably become a net negative, since it only highlights the degree to which Obama has failed to meet the presidential standard. Creamer attempts to turn that weakness into a strength by attacking Romney for not leaning on Bush in the same way–while trashing Bush’s policies and his record.

What Creamer likely senses is that all of Obama’s tactics–from “kill Romney” to Big Bird–have failed, and so he is suggesting a return to the tried-and-true method of campaigning against Bush. After all, it is what has held the left together for over a decade, serving both as a unifying force and a substitute for thought and debate.

That is what lies behind the left and the mainstream media’s attempt to turn Hurricane Sandy into “Katrina II“–or, rather, the inverse of Katrina, with Obama cast as a savior instead of reprising Bush’s role as the devil.

Creamer concludes:

The choice is clear. If you liked the way things were going under George Bush, vote for Mitt Romney. But if you want long-term economic growth – if you believe in defending the middle class – if you don’t want to go back to the policies of George Bush – vote to reelect President Barack Obama.

Yet this election is not about the past, but the present and future. Obama has lost that argument, and Creamer knows it. Bringing up Bush will not change Obama’s fortunes; it will only reinforce Romney’s momentum.