Senate Panel Will Not Release Torture Report Findings

Senate Panel Will Not Release Torture Report Findings

Now just why would the Senate hide the evidence gathered in a massive report on the “enhanced interrogation techniques” used under George W. Bush? The Senate Intelligence Committee is finally discussing their approval of the report, but they are intimating that they aren’t going to share the 6,000 page report with the public.


It couldn’t be because there is evidence that the use of those techniques, which was vilified by the Left and used to destroy Bush’s reputation, shows that the techniques were important assets in fighting the war against terrorism, could it?


It couldn’t be because Barack Obama banned those techniques but benefited from them by using the information that was gathered to help kill Osama Bin laden, could it?


It couldn’t be because there were terrorist plots that were planned for inside the U.S. that were prevented by the use of that information, could it?

Surely not. 

Funny; the Committee acknowledged many months ago that they were supposed to discuss approving the report in the summer, but didn’t get around to it until after the 2012 election.

That sure is weird.