Gallup: 77% Americans Identify As Christian

Gallup: 77% Americans Identify As Christian

A new poll by Gallup finds that 77% of American adults identify themselves as Christian.

“The United States remains a largely Christian nation,” reports Gallup.  “More than nine in10 Americans who have a religious identity are affiliated with aChristian religion.”

Gallup also found the following U.S. denominational breakdown:

Protestant:  52%

Catholic: 23%

Mormon: 2%

Jewish: 1.7%

Muslim: 0.6%

No religious identity: 15.6%

When asked about regular monthly church attendance, Mormons topped the list at 81% followed by Protestants at 64%.

Gallup says U.S. religious identification remained largely unchanged from last year.  

The study’s findings are based on 326,000 Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted between Jan. 2 and Nov. 30.