Reuters: Obama Job Approval Plummets to 43%

Reuters: Obama Job Approval Plummets to 43%

Being caught lying again and again and again is never a good thing for a U.S. president. A number of recent polls have proven that point, and the point that Obama was not able to get away with dishonestly blaming sequester on the GOP. A poll from Reuters released today brings even worse news. President Chicken Little’s approval rating has collapsed to 43%; a drop of seven points since February 19.

The Reuters poll also shows that Obama and his media failed dramatically when it came to blaming sequester on Republicans. Thirty-eight percent blame “all the political actors involved.” A mere 27% blame only the GOP. Six-percent blame only Obama and Democrats.

For good reason, Obama assumed the media would carry his dishonest water as he shamelessly demagogued sequester. The media have always protected Obama and his lies in the past, why would anything change? For whatever reason, though, this time a few (too few) good journalists bolted the Narrative Plantation to expose his lies. And as Americans learned the truth about Obama’s lies, his numbers collapsed.

Obama has an ambitious second-term agenda that includes destroying the GOP and handing the gavel back to Nancy Pelosi in 2014. All of that is now in serious jeopardy.

With credibility goes political capital.


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