Anthony Weiner Spending over $100,000 on Polls for Mayoral Bid?

Anthony Weiner Spending over $100,000 on Polls for Mayoral Bid?

If you’re Anthony Weiner, and you spent more than $100,000 on a polling firm to see if you should run for mayor of New York City, you discover that you’d have a better chance as the Oscar Mayer brand.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, infamous for his salacious texts of his genitalia to young women, hired a San Francisco-based polling firm in March. This follows stories at the end of January that an anonymous pollster was calling voters in New York City asking voters how they felt about Weiner as a mayoral candidate or a candidate for city comptroller.

Weiner’s campaign, according to New York City’s Campaign Finance Board, paid David Binder Research $52,500 on March 4 for “research,” and $54,000 more on March 5 for “polling costs.” Most of Weiner’s spending since the beginning of 2013 was for the polling firm; he also paid rent for a campaign office, telephone bills, and taxes.

Weiner still has more than $4.3 million in campaign funds, which would mushroom if he participated in New York City’s matching-funds program. But there hasn’t been a push by Weiner toward anything else indicating a mayoral bid as people have gone cold on him.