Center for Security Policy Decries Naploitano for 'Hyper-Partisan' DHS

Center for Security Policy Decries Naploitano for 'Hyper-Partisan' DHS

The Center for Security Policy (CSP), a right-leaning think tank that focuses on national defense, issued a statement bidding adieu to President Barack Obama’s outgoing Secretary of Homeland Security on July 12. They decried her for lumping Tea Partiers in with Islamist extremists.

CSP wrote:

As Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano oversaw a hyper-partisan leveling of her department’s awareness of the domestic terrorist threats we face, scandalously equating Tea Party conservatives and returning veterans with Islamists intent on advancing shariah in this country. Under her watch, DHS came in line with the Obama administration’s failed and highly ideological approach to counter-terrorism; its Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) strategy wiped clean any attempts to identify the enemy we face.

CSP argued that Napolitano’s efforts are “part of an administration-wide effort to understand and reflect the grievances of local Muslim communities.”

“Community engagement became more important than counter-terror policing, as career subject matter experts who correctly identified the nexus between jihad and acts of terror were silenced and purged,” CSP said. “With the makeup of Napolitano’s CVE Advisory Board–including a who’s-who of Muslim Brotherhood-linked individuals–this strategy is unsurprising.”

CSP added that it is urging President Obama to appoint someone who does not continue “the failures of her counter-terror strategy.”