McAuliffe: 'We Gotta Shut These Borders Down'

McAuliffe: 'We Gotta Shut These Borders Down'

In early 2007, Terry McAuliffe, who was supporting Hilary Clinton’s campaign for President, was grilled by a caller into a local radio show about his and the Clinton’s support for “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. McAuliffe responded by saying he believed “we gotta shut these borders down…and we gotta start today.” Other outlets have reported on the exchange, but on Monday, Breitbart News received audio of the interview. The whole exchange is included below. 

McAuliffe begins by saying he “absolutely” agrees with the calling and observes that “these people should not be coming into this country.” He notes that we have to do something about people who have been here for years and “paying their taxes, raising their families.”

He adds, though, that “for people that have been here illegally and have been taking advantage of the situation, we need to have a plan to get them back to the countries they came from.”

“More importantly,” McAuliffe adds, “we gotta shut these borders down. I couldn’t agree more.”

It is unclear what distinction McAuliffe is making between those who have been here for years and paying taxes and those who have been here illegally. 

Awkwardly, McAuliffe launched “Latinos con Terry” on Monday, promising to support proposals like the DREAM Act, which provides an expedited path to citizenship for illegal immigrants brought into the country when they were young. The proposal wouldn’t address border security.