Virginia Democrats Organize Press Call, McAuliffe Takes No Questions

Virginia Democrats Organize Press Call, McAuliffe Takes No Questions

A heavily promoted press call organized by the Democratic Party of Virginia on women’s issues designed to support the gubernatorial campaign of Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe lasted less than 15 minutes on Tuesday. It ended when the moderator closed the call without taking any questions from the press. Breitbart News was on the call and attempted to ask a question, but the system apparently did not recognize our attempt to pose an inquiry.

No press organizations, in fact, were recognized for questions on the “press” call. The word heard most often in the brief but highly choreographed press event was “extreme.”

Wendy Klein, a medical doctor who has practiced in Virginia for more than two decades, said that she “never have seen politicians so extreme.” She added that “it’s difficult to convey just how dangerous the Cuccinelli-Jackson-Obenshain ticket would be.”

Charniele Herring, a Virginia delegate and chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, said, “while Ken Cuccinelli is now trying to hide his extreme record on women’s issues, we know better.”

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund said that “this race is our top priority this year.” According to Ms. Richards, “this is a group of candidates committed to taking women back four decades.”

In contrast, Ms. Richards said, “Terry McAuliffe is a strong supporter of women’s rights.”

Breitbart News wanted to question Ms. Richards about the strength of Mr. McAuliffe’s commitment to women’s rights. Specifically, we wanted to know, if Mr. McAuliffe is such a strong supporter of women’s rights, why he has not yet called for the resignation of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner or the withdrawal of Anthony Weiner from the mayoral race in New York City.

Additional questions that Breitbart News did not have the opportunity to ask Team McAuliffe include these:

Does Terry McAuliffe support abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, paid for by Virginia taxpayers?

Does he support sex-selective abortion?

Does he support late-term abortion?

Does he support partial-birth abortion?

Does he support abortions for teenage girls without parental consent?

Subsequent to the abrupt end of the press conference, Breitbart News submitted these questions to the Democratic Party of Virginia and the McAuliffe campaign team, but we have not received any responses yet.

Image: Roanoke Free Press