Local Sheriff: Boehner Promised Border Security First

Local Sheriff: Boehner Promised Border Security First

A top staffer for Speaker of the House John Boehner apparently told sheriffs in his Ohio district on Wednesday that the border must be secured before any legalization of any illegal aliens takes place.

In a phone interview after the meeting with Boehner’s district director Ryan Day, Butler County, OH, Sheriff Richard K. Jones told Breitbart News that the Speaker’s representative promised no legalization will happen before the border is secured and the nation’s interior immigration laws are enforced. 

“He said Congressman Boehner agreed with us that first the border had to be secured,” Jones said. “Second, working with state and local and federal law enforcement working together within the United States, that has to be done first. Securing the borders has to be done first. And he promised that that Senate bill was not going to go through the House. And that unless they had a majority, it was not going to come out of [conference] committee.”

Jones added that Day apparently had a strong message from Boehner. “He said Boehner said to deliver this message: ‘Nothing gets done on anything until the border is secure first. Nothing. And that’s more than we had said before. Amnesty is not even going to be talked about.’ That’s what he said.”

Jones said “Oh yeah,” when asked if he supports that. 

“We don’t want nothing done until they secure that border, support the law enforcement–local, state and federal working together–enforcing laws that they choose to,” Jones said. “Right now, we can’t enforce nothing. It’s a total chaos, a total mess. The way the Senate bill was done is they want amnesty first. We don’t want none of that until these things are addresses. That [amnesty] is another day, another time. But right now, they got to do this first today. And they support basically what we asked for. That’s pretty important.”

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel told Breitbart News in response to Jones’ comments that the Speaker does not support any “comprehensive” immigration plans. “The Speaker favors, and will insist on, a step by step approach to fixing our immigration system that starts with securing our borders and enforcing our laws,” Steel said in an email. “That’s what his staff said, and what Boehner has said in his letter and elsewhere.”