Business Leaders Push for Immigration Reform

Business Leaders Push for Immigration Reform

Manufacturers and business leaders are traveling the country to visit members of Congress and take part in townhalls to explain why the economy needs immigration reform.

From what they have seen, they are confident Congress will pass a new immigration law this fall. These business leaders want to see the House and Senate pass a bill that will make it easier for a person to become a citizen, which they argue could help them fill jobs. From The Hill:

“We believe strongly that fixing the immigration system makes for a healthier American economy and must attract individuals from around the world,” said Matt Sonnesyn, director of research for the Business Roundtable.

“We are making sure we have the labor force needed, especially in the service industries, so as the economy gets cooking, we’re better able to maintain productivity.”

He also is encouraged to see House lawmakers, especially those in leadership, consistently talking about need for a careful process.

“They are talking about how to move it forward, not about how to kill it,” he said

These leaders are interested in immigration because they claim fewer Americans are not going into STEM (science, technology and math) fields. They claim they need to reach outside of America to fill these jobs.

The Senate passed their immigration bill in July, but the House is still working out their own legislation.  However, it is not bothering the business groups because they feel the same way as Sonnesyn. Joe Trauger, the National Association of Manufacturers’ vice president of human resources policy, said his group does not want to force anyone to do what they do not want to do. His group just wants the lawmakers to work out their differences and move forward.