NY Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Cuomo's Gun Control Law

NY Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Cuomo's Gun Control Law

A group of New York Sheriffs have announced that they will not enforce the gun control measures contained in the SAFE Act, which was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo in January. 

The SAFE Act limits magazine capacity to seven rounds, “prohibits the sale of certain types of semi-automatic rifles and gives current owners of such weapons one year to get them registered with the state,” or else.

But according to PoliceOne.com, “the New York State Sheriffs Association and five individual sheriffs have joined a court effort to block enforcement of the [magazine limits] and firearms restrictions.”

Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond said he will not be enforcing the new gun control measures nor will anyone in his office. He said residents want him to protect their right to keep and bear arms and he plans on doing so: “I’ve stood up for them, and I will continue to do so… If the governor thinks I’m wrong, so be it.”

Delaware County Undersheriff Craig DuMond and Sheriff Tom Mills stand with the other sheriffs in opposition to Cuomo’s laws. DuMond said the laws are simply too “broad and [prevent] the possession of many weapons that can be used legally.” 

They say they will continue to “enforce laws as required by the Constitution,” but have arrested “nobody… under [SAFE Act] provisions.”

Cuomo responded on September 11 by saying the job of law enforcement “is to enforce all the laws,” and to do otherwise will lead to “chaos.”

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