ObamaCare Website Goes Dark for 12 Hours Saturday Night

ObamaCare Website Goes Dark for 12 Hours Saturday Night

If you were planning on attempting to enroll on the ObamaCare  website Saturday night you might want to go bowling instead. For the third time since its inception the website is going offline due to needed repairs, and will be unavailable from 9 p.m. Saturday night until 9 a.m Sunday morning. Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesperson Joanne Peters explained, “The HealthCare.gov tech team is performing extended maintenance this weekend to improve network infrastructure and make enhancements to the online application and enrollment tools.”

Techies from Oracle and Google are supposed to be working to fix the website, according to HHS. The Obama Administration is promising to fix the website and have it fully functioning by the end of November.

There have been previous outages; one occurred while Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gave testimony before Congress; another occurred last weekend.  Last weekend’s outage was blamed on Verizon Terremark by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Although HHS has not released any enrollment statistics and said the first statistics will only be released later this month, House Republicans said earlier this week that there were less than 300 successful enrollees across the nation in the first three days after the website’s launch.