Boston Mayor-Elect Doesn't Want to Enforce Some Immigration Laws

On Tuesday, Boston Mayor-elect Martin Walsh, a Democrat, said he would not enforce some of the city’s immigration laws, and wanted the city to pull out the “Secure Communities Program.” In Boston, that program “allows the Department of Homeland Security to access fingerprints taken by local police, which the federal officials can check against federal immigration databases. Those who are in the country illegally can then be deported.”

According to the Boston Globe, Walsh “said he, like other immigration activists, believes the program nets too many illegal immigrants detained for non-violent offenses, such as driving infractions.” He added, “If we can get around it, I won’t…People that are getting pulled over — I don’t think that necessarily we have to bring in immigration for that.”

Boston piloted the program under outgoing mayor Thomas Menino, and it is “not clear whether Walsh would have the unilateral authority to end Boston’s participation in the program since it is a federal initiative,” the Globe reports.

Walsh also said he supported the “Trust Act” that California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed that made California a sanctuary state for many illegal immigrants.