Boehner's Immigration Staffer: 'There Are Jobs that American Workers Will Not Do'

Boehner's Immigration Staffer: 'There Are Jobs that American Workers Will Not Do'

House Speaker John Boehner’s new pro-amnesty advocate immigration staffer Rebecca Tallent was heard on national television earlier this year admitting that she has no faith in American workers.

“The unemployment rate, and this is definitely a situation that’s different than when we addressed this the last time in 2006 and 2007, the last time we tried to do immigration reform, the [un]employment rate is much higher now,” Tallent said in an appearance on C-SPAN in March 2013, while working for the Bipartisan Policy Center and pushing for the Senate to develop the “Gang of Eight” bill. “But I think that you’re in a way comparing apples to oranges, no pun intended, because a lot of these jobs are ag[riculture] jobs.”

Tallent then continued on by making remarks that questioned whether the several million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed would do certain jobs. 

“Whether we want to admit it or not, and this is probably going to get me some angry callers,” she prefaced her remarks before letting it out that she believes Americans cannot any longer rise to the occasion to do the work necessary in several instances.

“There are jobs that American workers will not do,” Tallent said.

Tallent pointed to an example that she said former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a GOP establishment politician who used to be paid by the government of Mexico to lobby for amnesty, to back up her theory that American workers can’t rise to the occasion and do the jobs that illegal aliens seem to want to do. 

“Gov. Barbour uses a great example when he’s talking about this, that there’s a chicken processing plant in Mississippi that’s a couple of miles from the state penitentiary,” Tallent said. “They have this program that allows prisoners to leave prison to go and work and make six dollars an hour processing chickens. They said that they’ve never had a prisoner last more than two days cleaning chickens, that they would rather be in their cells in prison than go and work in this chicken processing plant because it’s just such hard, dirty, nasty work.”

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel has not responded to a request for comment in response to this revelation.