Oakland, CA: Bus 'Knockout'

Oakland, CA: Bus 'Knockout'

An Oakland, CA man who was punched while riding an AC Transit bus on Wednesday night is possibly the latest victim of the “Knockout game” attacks. The victim, Anthony Lindsey, said, “It was clear since he wanted nothing of mine. Nothing that I owned that’s what it felt like. It felt like I was trying to be knocked out.”

The knockout game phenomenon has made headlines across the nation because it involves predominantly black teenagers that prey on Caucasians and Asians. The perpetrators slug the victims one or more times in the face or head with the goal of knocking them out. Unfortunately, many victims have been hospitalized or killed during the violent episodes. The main objective is not typically to rob the victim. 

Anthony was punched several times in the mouth and head, “There was like three (punches) I took to the jaw, and I can’t believe my teeth are not lose,” the victim told KTVU.”  The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the attack as an assault.

Fortunately for Anthony, the two stitches in his lips and the multiple bruises to his face and head didn’t prevent him from delivering his regular podcast. On his most recent show he had at least one positive takeaway from the troubling incident: “It’s not funny, and if you were trying to knock me out you didn’t do it. If it is a game, and called the knock out game. I think I won.”