Bill Clinton Will Match Donations to Hillary's Foundation to Year's End

Bill Clinton Will Match Donations to Hillary's Foundation to Year's End

Is Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundation hurting for cash? One may think so with the new donation scheme she announced this week in a fundraising email. Hubby Bill, Hillary says, will match each new donation dollar-for-dollar until December 31.

“We have big plans for 2014,” the former Senator and Secretary of State insisted in a Monday email to supporters. The Washington Post notes that the Clintons have three new programs they are trying to fund for 2014. The three programs include the “Too Small to Fail” program, an effort intended to help parents prepare kids for school; “No Ceilings,” meant to help women and girls achieve “full participation” in society; and programs to help youngsters learn job skills.

The email plea for cash was for the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation–formerly named the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons hope to raise upwards of $250 million to keep their charity organization afloat into the future.

When the Post asked foundation officials about the matching claim, no comment was forthcoming. How anyone will be able to determine if this matching takes place was not outlined.

The Clinton Foundation came under heavy fire earlier this year when The New York Times published a story detailing the massive waste the foundation has engaged in since it began in 1997. The foundation, the paper reported, was rife with waste and cronyism. The paper also reported that despite the nearly $500 million raised since its inception, the foundation had little to show for all its activities, although Clinton cronies made millions off their work for the charity even as the foundation seems to have run million-dollar deficits for years.

“The Clinton Foundation had become a sprawling concern, supervised by a rotating board of old Clinton hands, vulnerable to distraction and threatened by conflicts of interest. It ran multimillion-dollar deficits for several years, despite vast amounts of money flowing in,” The Times reported in August.