Uber Hires Obama Adviser David Plouffe as 'Campaign Manager'

Uber Hires Obama Adviser David Plouffe as 'Campaign Manager'

California-based ridesharing company Uber has enlisted former Obama campaign manager and senior adviser David Plouffe to guide the company’s “political campaign” as their new senior vice president of policy and strategy.

Plouffe will reportedly be taking direct aim at the taxi industry “cartel” and downing their created “monopoly” over other transportation network companies (TNCs), according to a statement he made on the company’s blog.

Uber’s CEO Trevis Kalanick welcomed Plouffe on the blog and described him as “someone who believed in our cause, who understood how to build ameaningful brand, [and] who knew how to scale a political campaign,” in addition to knowing “how to get the support on the ground to win.”

Plouffe is slated to start his new position in late September and “will be managing all global policy andpolitical activities, communications, and Uber branding efforts,” Kalanick noted.

Part of Plouffe’s mission will seemingly be to bridge the gap between the political and business sectors, and will afford the tech company’s growing positioning and influence as a leading TNC with at least one foot directly in with the revolving doors on Capitol Hill.

Part of Plouffe’s statement can be found here:

Uber has the chance to be a once in a decade if not a once in ageneration company. Of course, that poses a threat to some, and I’vewatched as the taxi industry cartel has tried to stand in the way oftechnology and big change. Ultimately, that approach is unwinnable. But Ilook forward to doing what I can right now to ensure drivers and ridersare not denied their opportunity for choice in transportation due tothose who want to maintain a monopoly and play the inside game to denyopportunity to those on the outside.