Pat Caddell: 'Higher Orders' from 'Other Masters' Preventing GOP Establishment from Running Against Amnesty

Pat Caddell: 'Higher Orders' from 'Other Masters' Preventing GOP Establishment from Running Against Amnesty

Hours after Mitt Romney declared that Republicans should pass amnesty legislation if the GOP takes back Congress, Pat Caddell blasted the incompetent Republican establishment for being beholden to their “other masters” and not nationalizing the illegal immigration issue. 

On Breitbart News Sunday, Caddell, the Fox News analyst and former Jimmy Carter adviser who long ago figured out that Americans were disenchanted with politics because they hated the permanent political class, said “Republicans have failed to put a race away” this cycle even though Obama’s numbers are so low and “there is such anxiety about the future of the country.” 

“They are just like watching French and British generals in World War I,” Caddell said of the GOP establishment to host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “They learn nothing and forget everything. It’s amazing.” 

Caddell said Republicans have failed to offer the country a “positive message” and nationalize the election against Obama’s agenda. He said Americans dislike “intensely both political parties” because “they feel they are getting screwed–and they are.”Caddell said that since Obama said his policies are on the ballot, Republicans should have had a simple message: “If you’re against those policies, send President Barack Obama a message. Vote Republican.” 

But Caddell said Republican establishment advisers “have other masters,” and that is why GOP candidates are not running against illegal immigration. Caddell acknowledged that the “immigration issue is the single biggest switch I have seen on an issue.” Americans, Caddell said, have been “changed on immigration” and are against President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty after “what’s happened the last three months ever since the children showed up and Breitbart [News]” published leaked photos of illegal immigrant children being warehoused.

“And only Scott Brown has made it an issue,” Caddell said, referring to the Republican New Hampshire Senate candidate who turned his race into a dead heat after running on illegal immigration. 

Regarding amnesty and illegal immigration, Caddell noted that establishment Republicans even in the South are generally “not allowed to speak of it” because they have “higher orders” to obey from their “other masters.” 

“The political class of the Republican party is interested in two things: preserving positions and getting money,” Caddell said, mentioning that “even moderates and Democrats are upset about executive amnesty.”

Obama, realizing that immigration is his worst issue, delayed his executive amnesty to give Senate Democrats a better chance at retaining control. He said Americans hate both parties in a country in which people believe the American Dream is fading, and the bipartisan support in D.C. for amnesty legislation “is a big part of it.”

But he said the media establishment conceals the true reason–like the bipartisan support of amnesty–that Americans hate Washington because they favor policy outcomes like comprehensive amnesty legislation.

Caddell thunderously said that “the political media class keep telling the American people to eat what they won’t eat.”