White House Confirms: Obama Officials Reviewed ‘The Interview’ Death Scene Before Release

Josh Earnest

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirms reports that administration officials had reviewed the controversial Sony film “The Interview” that features the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Earnest stressed that “there’s no policy of the administration for screening films before they are released” but the administration did so at the request of Sony executives.

“Administration officials were consulted about the film prior to its release at the request of officials of the company that was producing the movie,” Earnest said about the film.

Earnest would not say whether or not the administration underestimated the impact of the film, but asserted that the changes were made by Sony executives.

“Presumably that input was shared,” Earnest explained, “But certainly nothing was dictated by the administration and any changes to the film were made by the film’s creators themselves.”