Poll Reveals Deep Racial Divide on Police, Justice System

Oakland Ferguson Protest (AP)

A new CNN/ORC poll reveals a widening chasm over how whites and non-whites feel about the justice system and the police.

The poll released on Monday found that 57 percent of whites think that police are free of racial bias in their work. But less than one quarter of non-whites felt that police are not racist.

Over all, 41 percent of respondents said they felt the justice system treated non-whites fairly, but 50 percent of white respondents said that there was racial equity. Only 21 percent of non-whites agreed.

There was one bight spot: Both whites and non-whites felt that racism isn’t necessarily a permanent aspect of the USA and that it will all eventually be fixed. Fifty-three percent of whites and 50 percent of non-whites believe “racism will not always be a problem in the United States,” according to CNN.

The survey was conducted from December 18-21 and polled 1,011 respondents.

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