Obama’s Motorcade More Like Malibu Gran Prix

AP/Jacquelyn Martin
AP/Jacquelyn Martin

I guess Secret Service security lapses aside, the Obama administration continues to allow young, untrained and unpaid staffers to man the wheels of presidential motorcade vehicles.

Well, these youngster don’t actually drive the President’s car in the actual motorcade; rather, they drive around all of the not-so-essential staff and reporters.

Still, you would think that at the high rate of speed in which the President’s motorcade zooms around, and the fact that all of the cars are just about tailgating one another, you would think (hope) that the drivers were at the very least trained to drive at high speeds, right?

I don’t think, nor do I know that this is only occurring in Obama’s administration. I would say that it would be a safe bet to make that this is not exclusive to Obama’s motorcade, instead, something that  has probably  happened with other Presidents.

 You see this kind of stuff during campaign season. You know, when a presidential or senate candidate goes on a bus tour, you will almost always see cars driven by volunteers, and filled with staff and press, trailing the bus.