Sandy Hook Parents Sue Newtown For Lack of School Security

AP Photo/Jessica Hill
AP Photo/Jessica Hill

On January 9, family members of two of the first graders killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary attack sued Newtown and the Newtown board of education, alleging inadequate school security.

This suit comes just less than a month after a number of Sandy Hook parents joined with a Democrat lobbyist to sue Bushmaster firearms — maker of the legally-purchased gun Adam Lanza stole, then used to attack Sandy Hook Elementary.

According to AP, the suit claims Sandy Hook “had security policies and procedures in place that teachers weren’t able to follow on the day of the killings.” For example, the families claim “classroom doors could only be locked from the outside with keys, leaving teachers vulnerable to intruders, and the front of the school did not have security glass to protect against gunshots.”

The suit stresses that the failed security on December 14, 2012, cannot be allowed to be indicative of the future; that Sandy Hook parents want their children protected.

Newtown Attorney David Grogins confirmed that the town was indeed served with the suit on January 9, but he and the school board declined to comment.

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