Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence on Email Scandal

Gregory Hauenstein / Flickr
Gregory Hauenstein / Flickr

Hillary Clinton has called for the release of emails she turned over to the the State Department, failing to address whether she has hidden other messages from the Cabinet agency’s records by conducting her business through a private email address.

“I want the public to see my email,” Clinton insisted. The former Secretary of State made her first public statement Wednesday night in response to the revelation that she and, reportedly, several aides conducted no official business through a government email address for four years.

Instead, they used email addresses under the domain “clintonemail.com,” hosted on a server inside her own home, according to the Associated Press, and registered to a man named Eric Hoteman—who does not exist in any public record.

Clinton’s Twitter statement appears to demand the State Department make her emails public, but those emails would only include the 55,000 pages of emails she elected to turn over to the department. By storing her emails on a private server, Clinton—in an apparent violation of federal law on record keeping—ultimately holds the final power over which emails created on the clintonemail.com server will not be kept hidden.

Ms. Clinton has had two years after resigning as Secretary of State to select which emails to turn over to the State Department and, in turn, the public. Her statement Wednesday does not address questions about the possibility of emails deleted from the account.