21 Times Josh Earnest Described Hillary Clinton’s Emails As ‘Personal’ In One News Conference

AP Photo/Seth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

During the White House press briefing yesterday, part of the message Press Secretary Josh Earnest was trying to drive home was that the thousands of emails deleted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails were personal.

During her own news conference on the matter, Clinton admitted that she deleted about 31,000 of the 62,320 emails on her private server. She describes them as “personal.”

That’s why Earnest only referred to Clinton’s emails within a “personal” context and the “personal” nature of the content within them.

“It’s my understanding, based on what Secretary Clinton has said, is that she was describing personal emails, and that she went through her personal email system to ensure that all of the personal emails that related to her official role as the Secretary of State were properly transferred to the custody of the State Department,” Earnest explained at the top of the White House press briefing.

Watch the video below which highlights the 21 times Earnest described Clinton’s emails as “personal.”