Boehner With Netanyahu: U.S. Bonds With Israel ‘Are As Strong As Ever’

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) contends that the relationship between Israel and the United States remains strong.

“Regardless of where in the Middle East we’ve been, the message has been the same: you can’t continue to turn your eye away from the threats that face all of us,” Boehner said in Israel Wednesday at a media availability with newly reelected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the statement provided by the Speakers’ office.

“As you said, the bonds between the United States and Israel are as strong as ever,” he added.

Boehner’s appearance with Netanyahu in Israel comes following a five-day tour of the Middle East in which the Speaker led a delegation of Republican lawmakers to speak with regional leaders about the threats of Islamic extremism and Iran.

“Our two countries cooperate on many different levels. And while we may have political disagreements from time to time, the bonds between our two nations are strong, and they’re going to continue to be strong,” Boehner added.

Last month Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress at Boehner’s invitation. The Israeli leader’s appearance angered the White House and some Democrats due to a lack of notification, the proximity of the speech to Netanyahu’s election and concerns that it would undermine the administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran — which Netanyahu opposes.

Reporting from Jerusalem, Politico notes that Netanyahu thanked Boehner and Congress for the “warm welcome” in March.

“The people of Israel know that we have no better friend in the world than the United States of America. And the American people should know that they have no better friend in the world than the State of Israel,” Politico quoted Netanyahu.

Boehner further congratulated Netanyahu on his reelection.

“It’s been an historic trip, and frankly, it’s an historic opportunity to be here in Israel at this time.  And, let me take a moment to say congratulations on your re-election,” he said.