Obama Administration Prompting Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East

John Kerry
The Associated Press

President Obama is exposing the American people to unparalleled danger for the sake of a claimed political deal by allowing one of America’s most committed enemies to move to the brink of possessing nuclear weapons. This desperate legacy ploy not only shatters U.S. credibility in foreign relations, it rewards one of the worst violators of human rights with the most powerful weapon the world knows.

Relaxing sanctions before Iran had even agreed to anything sent a clear message to Iran that the President of the United States is in over his head and desperate for any kind of deal. President Obama’s actions are consistent with a community organizer extending benefits to the downtrodden to make them dependent on government handouts, but they are inconsistent with negotiating international agreements with people who want to kill you and destroy your country.

To this point, the negotiations have been completely mishandled. Iran must be convinced that the United States has the will to bomb its nuclear facilities; otherwise, Iran has little incentive to change its past practices. Historic precedent is clear: the weaker our will appears, the more certain future armed conflict with Iran becomes.
Negotiating with terrorists, who have a history of lying about their facilities and capabilities, is further destabilizing the entire Middle East. Since even the IAEA has admitted Iran has been able to fool them, the U.S. must demand complete transparency of their present and future capacity.

Meanwhile, the few stable countries left in the Middle East, as a direct result of this administration’s policies, are realizing they will need to go nuclear as a means of self-defense. Unless the Obama administration reverses themselves quickly, former middle east allies no longer will trust the U.S. commitment to keep nukes out of the hands of the most radical.

The Obama administration is creating the precise description of the worst case scenario.

Our closest ally in the region, Israel, has never admitted possessing nuclear weapons as a deterrent to such an arms race. Yet in a temper tantrum exposing the worst of possible personality disorders for a super power leader, our reckless president spurred the release of information on Israel’s nuclear capability, dramatically increasing the angst on all sides.

Prior to the Obama administration’s bungling, most western countries agreed Iran should not be left with any ability to develop enriched uranium. Now, that appears to be off the table with Iran continuing to develop as much 5% enriched uranium as they wish. In a space small enough to easily be kept secret, 3,000 centrifuges could convert 5% to nuclear grade uranium for a bomb in very short order. Now the U.S. seems satisfied to allow 6,000 centrifuges in addition to whatever Iran has kept secret.

As if the world were not already convinced that the Obama administration wanted to sign an agreement no matter how toxic its terms, an offer was floated to let Russia keep Iran’s enriched uranium for them. The Obama administration’s willful ignorance of history leaves it unaware of the mistake the U.S. made years ago in convincing Ukraine to give Russia the nukes located inside its borders. And Ukraine is paying the price today.

The President’s strategy is to trust Russia with the best interest of the United States and Israel. The only thing that accomplishes is fulfilling President Obama’s promise that he does have a lot more “flexibility” to surrender American security to Russia after the 2012 election.

It is the opening act of world war III to allow Iran to get its hands on nuclear grade enriched uranium. Iran’s supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Khameini, took to social media last month to exclaim “Israel must be annihilated.” Even as the U.S. begged Iran to continue talking, that same supreme leader echoed the cry “Death to America.”
The commander of the Basij militia, Mohammad Reza Naqd, of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard said that “erasing Israel off the map” is “nonnegotiable.” It is inconceivable that the Obama administration would collaborate some sort of nuclear deal with a regime this barbaric and dangerous.

Because of this harsh reality, Iran must not be allowed to keep its current nuclear infrastructure whether it is today, tomorrow, next week or ever, especially while led by the leading funders of international Islamic terrorism.

It is not a secret that Iran funds groups like Hezbollah, by some estimates to the tune of $100 million per year. Hezbollah is among the most active terrorist organizations in the world. It has kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered U.S. citizens.

Iran also supports the Houthi rebels who recently overran the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, driving the United States out of the country while depriving President Obama of what he described as his big foreign policy “success.” Yemen is a strategic location in fighting global terrorism now lost to an Iranian-backed militia.

And, lest we forget, Iran is also responsible for killing and maiming countless Americans in Iraq.

The Obama administration has already capitulated on virtually every important term in the “deal” and the Iranian regime still wants more. It is past time for this administration to learn from the great Ronald Reagan and simply walk away from the table. Walking away from talks in Iceland amid media condemnation made possible President Reagan’s greatest international achievement.

It is time to come home from the talks, double down on sanctions, and prepare for the eradication of Iran’s nuclear capability.
For those concerned about intervention, Russia is over-committed in the world and most notably in Ukraine. They have been tougher on Islamic jihadists than any other nation and would not hesitate to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities if its jihad leaders were proclaiming “Death to Russia.” Iran understands that reality and has a healthy fear of Russia’s brutal war-making history.

Only when and if Iran sees the United States seriously committed to taking out its nuclear capability will it finally come forward and agree to eliminate its own plans for becoming a rogue nuclear nation.