Swastika Scratched into Car in Anti-Semitic Act on U.S. College Campus

Washington, DC

A swastika was keyed into a car of a student at Framingham State University in Massachusetts on Friday.

Friends of the student provided the information and a photograph to Breitbart News.

Framingham State University

The student’s car was parked in a campus parking lot. As soon as he noticed the swastika, he called campus police, who are currently investigating the incident.

According to friends of the student, who requested his name not be used, the parking lot had one security camera, but it had been taken down due to construction.

The student originally sent the photograph to his friend, Danielle Neuwirth, who also shared it with another friend, Seth Greenwald.

Neuwirth tells Breitbart News: “I was surprised that someone not even Jewish got a Swastika keyed on his car. I am a proud Jewish Zionist young woman who will not stand for this anti antisemitism.”

Greenwald echoed Neuwirth’s concerns. He said events that have taken place at universities across America “should serve as a wakeup call.”

“Regardless of our race, religion, ethnicity, or cultural background, it is a human responsibility to condemn such acts of bigotry and hatred. This student whose car was defaced, should know that the entire Jewish community worldwide is standing with him,” Greenwald added.

In a statement emailed to Breitbart News, Daniel Magazu, Director of Communications at Framingham State University said, “We are investigating this incident as a hate crime and informing the community about it with the hope that they will be able to help us discover the person or persons responsible.”

He added the school is taking this situation very seriously and condemns hate speech of any kind.