NY State Sen. Klein Tweets about ‘Hot’ Female Republican Strategist

AP Photo/Tim Roske
AP Photo/Tim Roske
Washington, DC

New York State Senator Jeffrey Klein is putting the blame on a “junior communications staffer” for a tweet calling a female Republican strategist “hot.”

According to the New York Daily News, the tweet was sent earlier this week from Klein’s Twitter account and included a Google search link for “susan del percio hot.”

“A female, junior communications staffer–who also happens to be a recent hire in our office–accidentally tweeted a link from her personal phone,” said Candice Giove, Klein’s spokeswoman, adding, “Mistakes like this happen and are taken seriously. We extend our apologies to Susan.”

Susan Del Percio, the Republican strategist, worked on Joe Lhota’s mayoral campaign in 2013 and also served on Gov. Cuomo’s staff for a period of time in 2014.

“It’s clear it was a silly mistake,” Del Percio responded.

The tweet has since been deleted.