Senator Flake Embraces WH Removal of Cuba from Terror List

Ramon Espinosa/AP
Ramon Espinosa/AP
San Diego, CA

Republican Senator Jeff Flake wasted no time in enthusiastically embracing a White House declaration Tuesday removing Cuba from a United States State Department list of state sponsors of terror, despite the communist country’s ongoing harboring of terrorists and ties to terrorist organizations. The status was lifted without reciprocal Cuban concessions.

“It’s long past time to remove Cuba from the terrorism list. The list should mean something, and it means more now, read the statement from Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Flake.

Flake’s comment comes despite overwhelming evidence that Cuba continues to harbor members of the Marxist terrorist group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC). Additional evidence points to ongoing support for Iranian-sponsored terrorism, including Shiite Islamist group Hezbollah, which remains on the list of foreign terror organizations.

The White House move comes as President Obama continues efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, and the Department of State negotiates softened restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program. Breitbart reported Tuesday on the communist Cuban regime’s removal from the terror list as well as the many terrorist ties and Cuba’s celebration of the tentative Iranian nuclear deal.

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