Bernie Sanders Nets $1.5M on First Day of 2016 Campaign

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/AP
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/AP
Washington, DC

Who knew there was that much money in socialism? And, as usual, per The Hill, Hillary Clinton’s lack of transparency continues, especially when it comes to money.

Socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders raised $1.5 million on his first official day as a candidate, and that’s more than most, if not all, top-tier Republicans raised.

Sen. Marco Rubio and his campaign told the AP they raised $1.25 million on his first day, and Rand Paul raised $1 million. Ted Cruz told CBS News he also raised $1M on his first day.

And Hillary? She’s MIA as usual when it comes to reporting the details—or maybe she tweeted it, then deleted it? Who knows with her?

According to The Hill, “Sanders’s rival for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, did not announce her first-day fundraising total.”

In fact, Hillary’s problems in and around disclosure may be one reason why some fellow Democrats believe Sanders could be a real problem for her. Even if you don’t think Sanders is the guy to beat her, any competition putting a spotlight on her problems and weaknesses as a candidate, in particular or in general, might eventually open the door for someone else to jump into the race.

Sen. Dick Durbin, the second highest-ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate, is ready for Bernie.

In an editorial board interview with the New York Observer today, the Illinois lawmaker likened Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ long-shot presidential challenge against Hillary Clinton to President Barack Obama’s come-from-behind victory seven years ago—and said the senator, who is an independent and self-identifies as a socialist, will “be a force” in the Democratic primary.

“Eight years and eight weeks ago I was standing in a freezing day in Springfield with a fellow named Barack Hussein Obama,” Mr. Durbin said. “Things started changing on the ground. Do not underestimate Bernie’s impact. He’s not stuck at a number. He’s starting at a number and I think he will have loyal people who will come to his side.”