Hillary Clinton’s Latest Campaign Reboot Teaches Harsh, But Important, Lesson to Children

Hillary Rodham Clinton
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Version 3 (or 4 – I confess I lost count) of Ready for Hillary 2016 got off to a very rough start. It comes amid news that her polling numbers have tumbled faster than almost any other presidential contender, even though her handlers have acted quickly to yank her off the stage every time the audience starts booing.

The old Hillary strategy of hiding her in the basement until the poll numbers of a hypothetical politically-correct feminist candidate who vaguely resembles her begin creeping into positive territory isn’t working any more.

Clinton’s campaign team can probably deal with those poll numbers, though – their confidence bolstered by the astonishing, but unavoidable, conclusion that some people do still think she’s “honest” and “trustworthy,” even as geysers of corruption erupt around her daily. It’s not that difficult to rule people who are that gullible. Just remind them a vote for Cash Clinton is a vote against people they’ve been convinced to hate, and they’ll fall in line. If worst comes to worst, the Clinton campaign can tell enervated supporters they’ll starve, or die in the street from hideous untreated diseases, if they don’t install her in the White House to take care of them. That always works.

More troubling is that a few people who should be novelty joke candidates, mere jesters on the sidelines of Hillary’s stately march to the coronation, appear to be generating more enthusiasm than she is. Mrs. Clinton, by contrast, had to throw in the towel on a big women’s-only event in New York City and invite men (or should I say, people who still identify as men for some inexplicable reason) because not enough ladies showed up.

Let that sink in for a minute: Madame Hillary couldn’t get enough filthy-rich liberal socialites in New York City to pony up a mere $2,700 to meet her. She could only sell about 50 tickets, so at the last minute she threw the event open to men, extended the deadline… and still only got 90 attendees, some of whom were actually current and former cogs in the Clinton machine. That’s got to trouble the campaign a lot more than polls showing that the unwashed masses are growing increasingly queasy about the Clintons’ phony charity, shell corporations, and subpoena-defying document destruction.

Meanwhile, it probably hasn’t eluded Team Clinton that the mighty coin-operated Democrat vote-dispensing machine will work almost equally well for anyone, or anything, they choose to run as a candidate. There’s no reason to let a baggage-laden, unpopular, gaffe-prone, scandal-plagued candidate ride it into the ground when alternatives are available. Right now, the fact that nobody outside their home states really knows much about Whossisname or That Other Guy must be looking like a pretty big plus to some Democrat strategists.

A big campaign reboot was therefore scheduled, heralded by squads of pinched-nerve spokespeople howling at reporters to pretend it wasn’t a reboot at all. The venue selected for this “I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Reboot” event was Roosevelt Island. Evidently no one associated with Clinton bothered to learn anything about it, beyond the fact that’s named “Roosevelt.”

For starters, it’s noted as the site of a lunatic asylum widely believed to be haunted, which isn’t really the campaign symbolism Hillary is looking for. More importantly, her campaign apparently didn’t bother to check the calendar and discover a local holiday, Roosevelt Island Day, coincided with her campaign event. Or maybe they knew, but didn’t care. Either possibility is plausible.

Roosevelt Island Day includes a blood drive and an event for small children called “Imagination Playground,” in which they express their imagination by building structures with blue blocks. As the New York Post reports, Hillary’s campaign smashed these events into the dirt, and didn’t even bother to check with the locals before bigfooting its way into the community:

“It’s going to be horrendous logistically,” said Sherie Helstien, vice president of the island’s community association, who noted that her community has just one main road.

“I think the campaign should have reached out to the community representatives of 14,000 people — absolutely,” fumed Matthew Katz, former president of the association, and husband of Helstien.

He says residents received no notice from the Clinton camp.

“We are not just a memorial and a park. We’re a thriving community of 14,000 people. It’s just tone-deaf to ignore that,” he added.

Katz, who voted for Clinton and even knocked on doors for her in Pennsylvania, said he was concerned that added security could harm the 18th annual island festival, which has been in the works for months.

This led to the defining image of Hillary Clinton’s hilariously inept campaign:


Upon further consideration, Madame Clinton might have done these kids a favor, teaching them a harsh but important lesson about how they exist to serve the Ruling Class aristocracy. They should get used to building their diminished dream under the stern eyes of the bureaucracy Democrats want to make ever more powerful, at the pleasure of the aristocracy, using whatever time and resources their rulers permit them to keep.

To borrow an expression from a previous moral colossus the Democrats foisted on us as a presidential candidate, there are two Americas. One of them is inhabited by people, not all of them actual Americans, who can afford big-figure “donations” to purchase the consideration of parasites like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Imagination Day occurs in the other one.