HuffPo: Lawyer In ‘Gay Cure’ Trial Says Satan Is Behind Gay Rights Movement

Charles LiMandri in court.
Alex Remnick/AP

The Huffington Post writes about Charles LiMandri, defense attorney for JONAH in New Jersey:

In a first-of-its-kind legal challenge to gay conversion therapy, the lawyer defending this controversial practice has taken pains to assert that his clients do not judge people for being gay, but simply offer their services to those gay people who wish to change their sexual orientation.

“If you chose to live your life as gay, fine. We wish you well. We’re not judging you,” Charles LiMandri said in describing his clients’ views during opening statements in the New Jersey state court trial last week. His clients run Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing, or JONAH, a conversion therapy center in Jersey City.

Whether or not his clients make no judgments, however, LiMandri himself seems to have a different take on the matter.

In a radio interview released on YouTube last week (and highlighted by LGBT support group Good As You), he described the gay rights movement as engaging in “spiritual warfare” and an “evil that is being inflicted on society.”

He also equated the work of gay rights activists with that of Satan.

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