Rush Limbaugh Caller Who Once ‘Couldn’t Stand’ Trump: ‘I’d Vote For Him Right Now’


A caller to Rush Limbaugh’s show Wednesday said that while he once “couldn’t stand Donald Trump,” he now asserts, “I’d vote for him right now.”

“Chester from San Diego” told the conservative radio host that though he once “couldn’t stand what [Trump] looked like. I couldn’t stand his attitude,” he now has a different view of the 2016 presidential contender:

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush. I’ve been listening to you since you came on the air and I wanted to say I couldn’t stand Donald Trump. I’d see him on his show, hair everywhere. I’d shut him off and never listened to him. But I heard his speech in which he talked about the illegals and there being criminals and murderers and I told my wife right then, “What he’s saying is what everybody I work with believes. I’d vote for him right now.”

RUSH:  What is it about Trump you didn’t like, let me guess, by the way, I can be wrong. There’s no wrong answer here. You didn’t like the fact that he was a braggart, that he was –

CALLER:  Yeah, I guess. I never listened to him long enough to really know. I couldn’t stand what he looked like. I couldn’t stand his attitude.

RUSH:  That’s a lot of people.

CALLER:  But what he said on TV is what I agree with. I live in San Diego, 40 percent of the kids in San Diego schools don’t speak English. I go down to south Texas, 75 percent of the population of south Texas is non-English speaking.

RUSH:  Right, and then somebody makes the suggestion we should teach them English and they call you a bigot for suggesting such a thing.

CALLER:  They don’t want to. They have their own culture and they don’t want our culture.

Regarding Trump and the treatment he has received from companies who have refused to do business with him because of his strong stance on illegal immigration, Limbaugh says:

The amount of abuse that Donald Trump has taken, the efforts that have been made to destroy him, the ongoing efforts to harm, damage and, from their perspective, destroy Trump’s businesses, it has been serious. It has been an onslaught and he has not buckled. And I’m telling you, whatever you think of Trump and all of this, try to keep that in perspective.

Most people would have buckled long ago.  Most people would have cried uncle and begged forgiveness of the new totalitarians long ago. I have an incredible amount of admiration and respect for just this aspect of what Trump has done.

Limbaugh said Trump is not acting “intimidated” or “running around with his tail between his legs” after major companies have attacked him for his candor. Perhaps more importantly, Limbaugh said Trump has “changed the focus of the debate.”

“He told Greta Van Susteren, ‘Making America great again is more important to me than my company,’” Limbaugh said.