Boehner Renews Call For Obama To Denounce Planned Parenthood Practices Exposed In Undercover Videos

John Boehner on May 21, 2015 in Washington, DC.
Getty Images

President Obama must speak out against the Planned Parenthood practice — revealed in new undercover videos — of selling body tissue, House Speaker John Boehner argued Tuesday.

“This new video is as sickening, disturbing and callous as the last video.  It’s now clear that Planned Parenthood allows this horrifying conduct to happen throughout its organization,” Boehner said in a statement to Breitbart News.

Boehner’s comments followed the Center for Medical Progress’ release of a second undercover video, this one showing a top Planned Parenthood official negotiating prices of fetal body parts.

The Ohio lawmaker further noted that following the Center for Medical Progress’ first video release last week he called on the committees of jurisdiction to investigate the abortion group’s practices.

“Last week, I called on Congress to investigate these gruesome practices. The Energy & Commerce and Judiciary Committees have begun immediate investigations and I look forward to their prompt and thorough action.” he said.

Boehner concluded his statement by again calling on Obama to speak out against what is depicted in the videos.

“President Obama still has not denounced these horrific practices,” Boehner said. “He has a responsibility to also speak out immediately and stop these practices now.”