Breitbart Primary: Four in Five First-Place Votes Went to Non-Politicians & Anti-Establishment Candidates


Four in five Breitbart Primary voters in August preferred non-politicians and anti-establishment candidates over anyone associated with the Washington, D.C. crowd or GOP establishment.

In August’s Breitbart Primary, non-politicians and anti-establishment candidates Donald Trump (38.7%), Sen. Ted Cruz (26.6%), Dr. Ben Carson (10%), and Carly Fiorina (5.6%) accounted for a whopping 81% of the first-place votes.

More people (152,000) voted in August’s Breitbart Primary than in the previous two months combined (55,000 voted in June’s inaugural Breitbart Primary and 70,566 people voted in July’s Breitbart Primary), and it is clear that establishment Republican candidates need not apply for the White House as far as Breitbart Primary voters are concerned.

The Breitbart Primary was a leading indicator in predicting how non-politicians like Trump, Carson, and Fiorina and consummate outsider Cruz would resonate with the conservative grassroots and primary voters. Those four performed better in the last two Breitbart Primary polls than they did nationally before they started to surge this last month in national polls.

Cruz edged Trump in last month’s Breitbart Primary, but Trump pulled ahead in August like he did in every other poll. Carson surged into third place in July’s Breitbart Primary and solidified his position in the third slot in August. Fiorina, who had been in sixth place in the past two Breitbart Primary polls, was solidly in fourth place in August after she won the so-called “happy hour” debate.

A Quinnipiac poll this week found that an overwhelming majority of Americans (71%) are dissatisfied with the state of the nation and Washington and 73% of Republicans believe a D.C. outsider would make the best president. That explains why this quartet has been resonating in the Breitbart Primary.

When it came to the number of second-place votes received, Carson and Fiorina finished behind Cruz, who had the most second-place votes. Cruz, Carson, Fiorina and Trump combined to receive 64.7% of all second-place votes.

Carson and Fiorina actually received the most third-place votes, finishing first and second respectively when it came to the number of third-place votes received. And Carson, Fiorina, Cruz, and Trump combined to receive 54.9% of all third-place votes.

Voting is reset in each month’s Breitbart Primary, and Breitbart News readers are encouraged to vote in September’s Breitbart Primary here or by clicking on the banner below.

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