‘Blast From the Past’: Jeb Comes Out of the Bunker With 1997 Campaign Ads

Jeb Bush Opens Miami Field Office
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Jeb Bush is collapsing in the polls and deservedly so. After hibernating from all the existential fights during the Obama years, like Brendan Fraser’s character in “Blast From the Past” he’s now come out from underground both dazed and seemingly unaware at how much the political world has changed. And nothing shows that more than the ads his campaign just released.

This first ad released by the pro-Jeb Right to Rise Super PAC is laughably awful — unless of course you are Donald Trump, because this clueless, tone deaf piece of video-garbage, that looks like it was produced in 1997, is nothing more than free advertising for The Donald:

Apparently, Team Bush seems to believe that the Republican Base isn’t looking for a candidate who’s legitimately angry at the state of our country today — a country where the American Dream is dying under the crush of ObamaCare, a recovery only benefitting government and Wall Street, millions of illegals taking jobs from Americans who follow the rules, and burning cities…

No, what we want is hollow rhetoric over music programmed to inspire. What we’re looking for is platitudes and slogans and Reagan-lite. Let’s all hold hands and stick our heads in the sand as One Nation Under God.

How in the world can Team Jeb not know how milquetoast their candidate looks when compared to The Guy who gets it, who’s angry, who’s fed up, who’s saying enough is enough?

This ad is nearly as bad:

Could someone please tell Team Jeb what the year is.

Our country is burning and rather than fighting the fire, rather than even acknowledging the fire, we’re being handed a resume … from the previous decade.

How can this man lead a country he’s completely lost touch with?

How can Jeb defeat Hillary and Her Media pretending to be Oprah when even Oprah isn’t Oprah anymore.

Go back to your bunker, Jeb. You’ll love tonight’s new episode of “Seinfeld.”


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