12 Black Lives Matter Protesters Arrested in Hartford While Murder Rate Spikes

FOX CT/screenshot
FOX CT/screenshot
Hartford, CT

Twelve people were arrested Monday in Hartford, Connecticut, for disorderly conduct after blocking traffic and access to the University of Hartford while chanting “Black Lives Matter!” Officers asked the protesters to stop sitting and standing in the roadway, and when they refused to comply, they arrested the anti-law enforcement agitators.

Like many Democrat-run cities across the country, Hartford experienced a spike in murders this past summer following the “uprisings” in Ferguson and Baltimore and attacks of police officers by Black Lives Matter activists. As of August, Hartford had the highest homicide rate of any New England city.

Ten of the people arrested are from the suburbs, while two are from Hartford itself.

The arrests are a result of a series of “Moral Monday” protests by #BlackLivesMatter activists in Hartford. Seventeen people were arrested at protests in June.

Meanwhile, in West Hartford, Dunkin’ Donuts was forced to issue an apology after a police officer was told by an employee, “We don’t serve cops here.” Dunkin’ Brands’s senior director for global public relations Michelle King issue a statment:

The crew member exhibited poor judgment and apologized immediately to the police officer. The franchise owner, a long-time supporter of local police, has also reached out to apologize on behalf of the restaurant. Dunkin’ Donuts and our franchisees share a commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of all guests.

The officer turned down an offer of a free cup of coffee.